Rebekah Williams is a Socio-political Photographer, Facilitator, Cultural Producer, Capoeirista and Community Wellness Builder.

 Through her community engagement work, Williams' mission is to create and build spaces where those who are underrepresented and are the keepers of incredibly rich and nuances stories can be seen, heard and appreciated, specifically by ensuring the arts is more available and accessible to young people from the global majority.

She is a huge advocate for assisting and inspiring Black and Brown people to return to nature, reclaim ancestral plant knowledge and ethically forage as a way to manage mental, physical and spiritual health in communion with others. She is also a scared circle facilitator for Black, Asian and Indigenous women and femmes.

Williams is a shortlisted photographer for the Wellcome Prize 2021 under the Managing Mental Health Series for her project, Birds Of A Feather, Flock Together.


Creative Womens Hub x Oitji_jo, London  2021

Wellcome Prize 2021, London     2021

Brooklyn Brothers Night School, London    2021

Ellas Hablan, Madrid     2020

BBZ X SYFU Alternative Graduate Show, London  2018

Pingyao International Photography Festival, China    2018                

Route Exhibition/Arles Photography Festival, Arles    2018

Yellow Magazine Issue 2 Exhibition, London    2018

Instagram: @bexphotosphere



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